Cub Scout Monthly Themes for 2010-2011

SEPTEMBER 2010 - SCOUT INVESTIGATORS - Character Connection: Resourcefulness

What happened to the cookies in the cookie jar? Let's find out. Learn techniques that the police use to solve crimes. Use microscopes, dust for fingerprints, and learn observation techniques. Visit your local police department and find out how to contact them in an emergency. Show your respect for law enforcement by thanking them for what they do. This would also be a great month to use your investigative skills to find friends to join Cub Scouts.

OCTOBER 2010 - UNDER THE BIG TOP - Character Connection: Cooperation

"Ladies and Gentlemen," welcome to the Cub Scout Circus. It will be a month of entertainment. Dens will practice stunts, skits, songs, run-ons, and cheers as part of their advancement and just for fun. They can share their talents at the monthly pack meeting, with the Cubmaster serving as ringmaster. The focus will be the magic of the circus with a center ring set up for performances. Be sure to have lots of balloons, peanuts, and popcorn for the audience, as well as spotlights on all dens as they perform.

NOVEMBER 2010 - CUB SCOUTS SPREAD THE NEWS - Character Connection: Citizenship

Cub Scouts spread the news about the fun that they are having in Cub Scouts. They learn many different ways to communicate. Plan a field trip to the local radio station, television station or newspaper office. Dens can publish articles and pictures in a den or pack newsletter or make their own commercial about a service project to be shown at the pack meeting, or on a local cable or school access channel. They can email a friend to join Cub Scouts. This would be a good month to work on Good Turn for America as well as the Communication belt loop and pin.

DECEMBER 2010 - WINTER WONDERLAND - Character Connection: Positive Attitude

The excitement of the holiday season brings magic to the eyes of Cub Scouts as they prepare decorations, make gifts, and sing songs of the season. Den or pack activities may include a Good Turn field trip to bring some holiday magic to the lives of others. Northern Cub Scouts will enjoy winter games in the snow. Southern Cub Scouts might play games with paper snowballs or take to the beach for a Klondike derby in the sand. This might be a good month to work on the Ice Skating or Snow Ski and Board Sports belt loop and pin.

JANUARY 2011 - ROAD WORK AHEAD - Character Connection: Perseverance

What does it take to build our roads and bridges? Who builds our roads and what materials and equipment are used? Find out this month as you put on your construction hats and dig in! Arrange to tour road building equipment. Have a construction company foreman/owner come visit at your pack meeting. What vehicles travel the Cub Scout roads? Why not have a pinewood derby this month and find out?

FEBRUARY 2011 - TURN BACK THE CLOCK - Character Connection: Honesty

"Turn Back the Clock" and see what the world was like in the past. Learn about an era of your choice with songs, games, and transportation from the time that you choose. Whether it is the Space Age, the Wild West, rock-n-roll, or the Ice Age, each time period had something special about it. Construct a pack "time machine" to help introduce the den's era skits or demonstrations at the blue and gold banquet. Whatever you choose, find the "best" in your time period and share it with others. The boys can work on the Heritages belt loop and pin this month.

MARCH 2011 - FORCES OF NATURE - Character Connection: Faith

Behold the awesome forces of nature. Discover how wind, rain, fires, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, avalanches, and glaciers can alter and shape the earth. Cub Scouts learn now to prepare themselves and their families to meet the challenges associated with these forces. Each Cub Scout can work on preparing an emergency kit to keep in his home or car. Explore a different force of nature at each den meeting, creating models of these natural powers or their results. This is a good month to work on the Emergency Preparedness BSA Award and the Weather belt loop and pin.

APRIL 2011 - SCOUTING THE LAND DOWN UNDER - Character Connection: Respect

Scouting is alive and thriving in Australia. Let's learn about the earth's smallest continent, its animals, and its Scouting program. What kind of games do the boys play? What is a Joey? What kind of outdoor activities do they do in the Australian Scout program? Learn about Australian art work and ancient musical instruments. Come on mate and have a g'day. This would be a great month to work on the Language and Cultures belt loop and pin.

MAY 2011 - ACORNS TO OAKS - Character Connection: Responsibility

Nature provides a miraculous wonder in the life cycle. This month the boys can discover how plants grow from seeds. They can build and grow a terrarium or plant a garden. Here is the opportunity to assist nature by building birdhouses, bat nurseries, or squirrel feeders. This theme also can be used to assist the leaders in helping the boys learn about their own growth and health. They can make goals using a food pyramid. This would be a good month to work on the Physical Fitness belt loop and pin. All these things will help them grow strong and healthy much like a sturdy oak tree.

JUNE 2011 - CUBS IN ACTION - Character Connection: Health and Fitness

This is a great month for outdoor or indoor activities with focus on ACTION. Hikes, games, or relay races using Scout skills would all be good activities. The boys can learn and grow through sports, practicing good sportsmanship and team building. This might be a good time to work on the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award and any of the team Sports belt loops and pins.

JULY 2011 - SPLISH SPLASH - Character Connection: Courage

What could be better than a water carnival complete with games, skits, and a fishing derby? Create a water adventure trail with plenty of opportunity for boys to get wet. Stations could include a sponge toss, sprinklers, water slides, and raingutter regatta. Or plan a pack outing to a local swimming pool or beach. Be sure to teach the Cub Scouts the buddy system before you go and use Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat. Cub Scouts could work on their Swimming and Fishing belt loops and pins. The pack could also work toward the National Summertime Pack Award.

AUGUST 2011 - ON THE WILD SIDE - Character Connection: Compassion

Imagine being shipwrecked on an island of wild adventure! What kinds of wild animals and fauna might they encounter? Go on a hike and learn about the wild side that might be in your own backyard. And if that isn't enough, help the boys release some of their "wild side" fun with exciting games and creative projects. This is one month you'll enjoy the wild side. This will be a great time to invite a friend to come and join in the Scouting adventure!

For a printable copy of the themes click here: Themes